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Primal Source Connection: Reclaiming the Masculine
8 Module Online Program

Discover Your True Identity through healing past traumas, releasing limiting programming and stepping into sexual self-mastery to reconnect the Masculine and Feminine in joyful partnership.

This program creates the empowered space for men who are feeling frustrated and uncertain about how to express themselves authentically in today’s changing world. Our program is designed to guide you into discovering your true identity. From there you step into sexual self-mastery and reconnect with the Feminine in joyful partnership as the Powerful Protector you were born to be. It is our commitment that on completing this course you will better interact with women, other men, and the changing world around you in a way that is both honouring and powerful!


If you’re ready to take your life to an entirely new, intentional space of joy, satisfaction, pleasure and success, it’s time to study with a master!


‘Primal Source Connection’ is a customized program, where you will:


  • Learn powerful processes that allow you to step from the Trauma-Limited self into the Authentically-Expressed version of you.  The Trauma-Limited version of you can never live your destiny!

  • Release shame and trauma to experience the deep intimacy, connection, desire and pleasure that is your natural birthright.

  • Understand how the history of how the gender wars began impacts YOUR relationships, and free yourself from cultural programming to experience greater pleasure.

  • Use the anatomy, physiology and alchemy of orgasm to experience deeper levels of pleasure (yes, men can experience full body and multiple orgasms too!)

  • Learn and master the power of vulnerability and boundaries, and bring that power to every part of your life.

  • Expand your ability to experience intimacy in your relationships.

  • Use the SoulSignature process to tap into your “essence” and gain clarity surrounding who you are.

  • STOP SHUTTING YOURSELF DOWN. Claim your passion as the path to your own sense of purpose.

  • Communicate effectively in your relationships so you never have to feel “wrong” again.

  • Honor your sexuality as the beautiful, sacred, and ESSENTIAL part of your nature that it is.

  • Learn to make decisions from the space of self-reverence, holding yourself in the highest regard as the ultimate path to integrity.

  • Discover how to channel orgasmic energy to enhance your creativity and access your Power of Manifestation individually AND with your partner.

This program includes online content, as well as individual 1:1 mentoring calls with Mika AND weekly LIVE online group Q&A sessions (recorded and posted for review and for those who cannot attend live).


A private Facebook group membership also provides a dynamic environment to share your breakthroughs and experiences, ask questions and receive support from us, as well as encouragement from the other powerful Sacred Warriors in the program.


This program combines the best of three worlds (online, group and private mentoring) for a comprehensive experience.


Experiential processes in an online format!

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Course Description ~

Module 1: How the Gender Wars Began - A History

In this module, we create clarity on how we got to this place in history, where we came from and where we are going from here. This journey through time will explore significant events and shifts that changed how women and sexuality were viewed through the millennia and why. We will examine the ways sexuality has been shifting more recently as well and how it is currently being influenced by porn, technology and movements such as #metoo. We are not alone in our frustration and desire for more, and we all deserve better; the shift to a new era is coming…let’s unite and be the ones who create the balance!

We will also set in place your tools for creating the powerful results you desire from this program: 4 steps to a powerful mindset.

Module 2: Healing Shame, Trauma & Sexuality

What is shame and trauma, how is it affecting us daily, and how do we eliminate it from our lives? This module goes deeply into all these questions and provides you with the knowledge and tools to begin the releasing and healing process (and are equally valid for all forms of trauma). Shame is the tool that has been used to repress and control sexuality for millennia… to keep us in fear and separated from our pleasure and our power. Shame was taught to us all, and required men and women to turn against each other, keeping them divided and in competition with each other. This has served no-one, men included! We were shamed into forgetting our connection with Source and with each other, “We are One”. Sexual energy is the infinite source of creation, the manifesting power …OUR power and, in ancient times, was honoured by men and women alike! Learn how to heal the shame of generations and reclaim your power!


Module 3: Anatomy and Physiology & the Alchemy of Orgasm

Women’s bodies don’t come with owner’s manuals. So often men are completely clueless about what makes women’s bodies tick, and no wonder with the mixed messages, barely disguised misogyny, and downright hostility that society heaps on the feminine.This module is your owner’s manual for the female body; basic anatomy and how to access her pleasure…it’s about juicy provocation!


Men’s bodies are less complicated in actually accessing their pleasure AND men often have no idea that full-body orgasms and multiple orgasms are available for men to experience as well as women. We will be diving into how you can achieve that as well!

Module 4: Understanding the 4 Phases of Life & the Feminine/Masculine Archetypes

This module is all about recognizing our essential natures and our relationship to divinity; standing in our divine nature and healing/integrating the shadow. Archetypes are the forms, which embody our fundamental characteristics. You will get fully in touch with all aspects of the “divine being having a human experience.” Becoming aware of the depth and variety of our capacities is essential to finding the balance we deserve, and balance brings peace and success at a deep level. Feminine and masculine are explored here, since we all embody all the sacred energies in our own perfect proportion. Get in touch with your potential AND discover your Galactic Signature Blueprint​...Powerful​!

Module 5:Distortions and Dysfunctional Beliefs Around Masculinity

This module is all about identifying and releasing the unhealthy, misogynistic and self-destructive beliefs taught around masculinity by society, and replacing these beliefs with a clear, deep understanding of the role and power of the Sacred Masculine.


From the day we are born, men are subjected to a continual barrage of distortions of what it means to be a man, from the color of their clothes, the types of acceptable playthings, and extending to the way girls and women are treated and regarded. These myths have distorted the relationships between men and women to the point where they can barely interact with each other, leaving both sexes confused and clueless about each other. This gets to the point where any trace of perceived femininity within themselves and each other leaves men acting out, crushing parts of themselves and each other, even to the point of violence.


There is a better way, and it doesn’t involve being a ‘wimp’ or ‘beta male,’ terms rooted in this unhealthy fear of feminine power. Rather, it is getting in touch with your authentic expressions of masculinity and the roles they are attracted to and matching these healthy desires and tendencies in ways that complement the feminine.

It’s about completely unleashing both the masculine and feminine energies within us and finding our own perfect balance.

Module 6: Essentials of the Self

Get in touch with the essential nature of being human, how this empowers, how to access the knowledge of who you truly are and why you are here!


Who am I? What is my purpose? What is my life passion?


What questions could be more important in life? And yet, the truth is, most cannot answer these essential questions. You will never truly be able to love yourself, if you don’t even know who you are!


Discover YOUR perfect answer with a powerful process grounded in connecting with your divine essence. Your results will be reflected in tremendous clarity, an unfailing guide in your life, and a personal power buoyed by the passion that can only be accessed by being engaging in your life purpose.


You are here for a purpose, and it’s time to step into that. We need you!


Module 7: A New Paradigm for Relationships

Intimacy is the key to a meaningful relationship. A true partnership is one where you are met on all levels, where together you create power, passion, and purpose, and where everyone’s needs are met and your true self shines. Learn how you can have all of this, without settling, “sacrificing” or denying your true essence! Free yourself from society’s limiting beliefs around relationship structures, the role of the sexes and learn how sexual intimacy is a mirror for not only all aspects of your intimate relationship, but indeed, your entire life! How you play it in the bedroom is how you play it in the boardroom – and vice versa! Take a hard look at how you show up in your intimacy and realize the insights this has to offer you – as a catalyst for meaningful change in all areas of your life! Learn about the ways women, and men, can experience pleasure, and how this can energize your life in unexpected ways. Get in touch with how you can shift how you approach life, and how this can impact your results with you partner.


Module 8: Creating Powerful Shifts & Meaningful Connection in a #metoo World


Do you feel like there is no winning solution - no matter what you do, you are wrong? Society’s messages around masculinity are mixed, inconsistent and contradictory. Too nice, and you are consigned to the friend zone, too assertive, and you are an arrogant dick. Too aggressive, and you are abusive, too gentle and you are labeled as a feminized, boring 'beta' man. Have you seen so many women attracted to the sort of men who you KNOW are abusive and disrespectful, and then hear women lamenting about how they “can never find a good man”? Have you begun to feel cynical? And now, with the #metoo movement, many men feel lost and frustrated, once again in a no-win situation.


Create a WHOLE NEW REALITY by getting in touch with who you are on a deep level, being fully expressed in your masculinity and accessing the power and confidence of the Sacred Warrior within. You find that perfect balance of vulnerability and healthy boundaries that permits you to connect to your personal power at its most effective level, and the success you find, in business, relationships, and personal growth provides a life of joy and contentment.


Taking it to the next level: BodyMindSoul Emancipation (Bonus module)