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Our Mentors

Freyja Inanna - Mother of thirteen children, former polygamist wife, labor & delivery nurse, and midwife, Freyja has led a fascinating life steeped in relationships, birth, and now rebirth. Her friends and family know her as a fierce defender of the divine feminine, consummate nurturer, and passionate wife. She has combined her life experience, education and twenty years experience as a Registered Nurse and Midwife, as well as several modalities, including Psychosomatic Therapy, NLP, Reiki, Sekhem Energy and a few others to create a signature process we call BodyMindSoul Emancipation™. Freyja's life passion is the empowering of women, as she midwifes their transformation into the powerful goddess that she sees in all women. Her approach is gentle and tender, but uncompromising in creating powerful results with her clients. She listens, and she is easy to listen to as she guides women on their path of self-discovery, self-actualization, and a renewed passion for life. She is a leader in her field and a trailblazer for living life fully, and for creating relationships and solutions that honor all. She loves most working with women who are committed to living a "turned on" life of passion, power and purpose... and living it orgasmically!

Mika Inanna - Mika was raised in a very restrictive religious environment and spent childhood in south Florida. After spending six years in the US Navy operating and maintaining nuclear reactors, they continued their nuclear career working at two national laboratories and then shifted into equipment engineering for the semiconductor and medical equipment industries. While they excelled at their work, they became increasingly dissatisfied with their career path. A combination of experiential personal improvement programs and spiritual trainings led to a realization for them that their life purpose involved working with people, not machines, and when they dove deep into multiple healing experiences and, with Freyja, co-created what is now their signature process, BodyMindSoul Emancipation™, they knew immediately that they'd found their calling. Mika excels in working with men who are ready to engage in life standing in their masculine power as protectors and admirers of the divine feminine. They feel strongly that the old dominator culture (often referred to as the patriarchy) has had its day, and it's time to move on to a new relationship paradigm that fully honors both masculine, feminine, with true loving acceptance for the differences that make life so interesting. Mika also loves working with women who are ready to experience the compassionate guidance of the masculine in their lives to assist them in their dealings with men or just to have the experience, maybe for the first time in their lives, of a balanced being who will be there for them in a place of honoring and trust.

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