Relationship Alchemy
Sacred Partnership Retreat Program

Create a Relationship that delights EACH of you, filled with joy, intimacy and passion!

We help life partners of any relationship structure who are struggling in their relationship heal themselves individually so they can then come together and create a brand new, vibrant, authentically grounded relationship, that includes effective, honest communication, deep meaningful intimacy, and the juiciest, most amazing sex of their lives!


Are you experiencing the living hell of being in a relationship where you feel cut off from each other even though you are living in the same house?  Are you too familiar with the pain of not been seen, the disappointment of not having needs met? Are you tired of being afraid to say how you feel or to reach out for intimacy, knowing it will trigger the other person and create yet another conflict, or worse - rejection?  Do you remember that raw, irresistible, primal attraction you used to feel for your partner and, secretly, wonder if you will ever feel that way again?   


Do you feel hopelessness and desperation when you look at the person you were once in love with and feel no real connection, no easy way out - and you know they feel the same?  Do you feel empty…afraid…angry…grieving the loss of connection, passion and intimacy you once experienced together? At some level, do you feel betrayed?  


Do you fear the failure of choosing out of the current state of hell and dread of the ensuing battle over children, belongings, money, and the tearing apart of everything you have created together, just to feed the hungry wallets of lawyers and courts?  Worse yet, do you fear that it will never end and you will both just go on existing in a passionless, sexless, empty relationship that only exists because you are afraid that there is nothing better out there for you? Are you staying together “for the children,” a weak excuse when you realize that you are modeling exactly the kind of relationship they will create in their own lives?! 


This is a LIE!  Too many have bought into the idea that it’s normal for the spark to die out in relationships and that the best sex is only at the beginning and gradually fades away into a grey oblivion.


There is SO MUCH MORE! The truth is, your relationship affects EVERY aspect of your lives, so making your relationship a priority will create EVERYTHING in your life flowing more smoothly and joyfully!  


The truth is that it’s possible to create HEAVEN ON EARTH in your relationship by getting in touch with who you are on a deep level, then reconnecting with each other in a brand new way - full of fire, passion and chemistry, creating ecstatic bliss together, once again excited for a bright future. 


This blesses every aspect of your lives because you are finally being fully expressed and authentic as the powerful, passionate beings that you are.  Your are seen and appreciated!  When you speak you feel heard, and when they speak you feel their truth. Your children benefit from the stability and the love they see in their parents, and you retain and grow everything you have created financially. Your existing support structures (family, friends, community, etc) remain intact and able to continue to contribute to the family as a whole. 


Feel deep desire as your lover gazes into your eyes, and surrender to the delicious thrill of electricity through your body as he/she touches you! Re-ignite the attraction so that you can't walk by your partner without the overwhelming desire to reach out and touch him/her and know that desire is reciprocated.  Engage in deep ecstatic pleasure in your sexual union and experience true intimacy (into-me-you-see) at a level you never dreamed was possible!

The way we create this result with you is by:


  • Helping you identify what is working and not working in your current relationship. Giving you processes that get you in touch with what you REALLY want - in your relationship and in your life, what it looks, sounds and feels like and how you can create that as your reality!

  • Teaching you to learn and implement a new way of communicating with each other that focuses on “working” and “not working,” and communicating feelings rather than accusations. There is no place for blame and shame. You each own your life and relationship, accept full accountability for what you create, and again, no blame or shame.

  • Taking you each through intense processes where you release and heal all the past trauma, shame, limiting beliefs and programming (all that you are not) so that you can then discover who you truly are, and fall in love with that amazing person! This lets you now show up authentically in the relationship, whole and healed, so that you are not merely mirroring back your own traumas, being triggered by your partner. (These processes consist of onsite retreat programs with individual sessions of 3 hours each and with multiple sessions for each partner)

  • Tapping into what brings you joy and ignites your passion...Doing that...BEING that! Being fully expressed and living your purpose!

  • Getting you in touch with your own pleasure - releasing any shame surrounding your sexuality and owning your desire and your pleasure. Taking back your power and claiming your pleasure as an essential part of who you are. You will learn to ask for what you want in pleasure and communicate openly with your partner about what’s working or not. 

  • Healing your sexuality, attaining sexual self-mastery and growing to view sexuality and pleasure as a mutual, shared sacred experience, not a transactional exchange.

We only work with partnerships where each partner is fully committed, coachable, ready to do whatever it takes to create their results, and who are not afraid to invest in themselves!

* Note:  This intensive retreat program includes a free gift of any two (or more!) of our powerful online programs as appropriate to the genders of the participants!

The Self-Revering Woman AND/OR Primal Source Connection

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