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Your being here indicates a curiosity to learn more about the resources available to assist you in clearing past traumas, existing shame, and dysfunctional beliefs that keep you from experiencing the joy of life and from attracting and/or maintaining the deep intimacy, trust and passion your desire in your relationships. It's absolutely possible to rewrite your RelationshipSignature! We invite you to schedule a FREE call with us to discover your blocks, create some breakthroughs, and if it's aligned, create the following powerful results through our intensive transformational online programs:

  • Explore and live from your own unique Goddess/Warrior Archetype as a path to deeper self-realization.

  • Release shame and trauma to experience the deep intimacy, connection, desire and pleasure that is your natural birthright.

  • Understand how the history of human sexuality impacts YOUR relationships, and free yourself from cultural programming to experience greater pleasure.

  • Use the anatomy, physiology and alchemy of orgasm to experience deeper levels of pleasure and to create the space of trust for your partner to completely surrender into THEIR pleasure. (yes, men can experience full body and multiple orgasms too!)

  • Learn and master the power of vulnerability and boundaries, and bring that power to every part of your life.

  • Use the SoulSignature process to tap into your “essence” and gain clarity surrounding who you are.

  • STOP SHUTTING YOURSELF DOWN. Claim your passion as the path to your own sense of purpose.

  • Communicate effectively in your relationships so you never have to feel “wrong” again.

  • Honor your sexuality as the beautiful, sacred, and ESSENTIAL part of your nature that it is.

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  • Identify your specific blocks, scripts and self-limiting beliefs keeping you from your perfect results
  • Go deep and get in touch with the pain and trauma that repeatedly shows up in your life and relationships in the form of triggers, buttons and self-destructive behaviors
  • Create greater clarity surrounding your deepest desires, your true essence and your life purpose
intimacy and trust