Secret Special Offer!

I am offering  professional face reading sessions where we explore the blueprint your soul and personality as it is written on your face.  Be ready to go DEEP and discover how all this relates to the patterns in your life and way you show up in the world!


***This is usually a paid service, so please ignore any mention of cost in the application and scheduling process.  I have offered this service for FREE to anyone receiving Lisa Vaz's special package.  Exciting! ***  

~ with love, 
Freyja Inanna

It’s Written All Over Your Face!


…and your body, your hands, your feet.  It’s all there.  


The story your body tells you, if you are aware, is profound!  It’s all about who you were born into this world to be, what the true expression of your soul is, your personality, the way you respond to love, to pain, to your own inner rage…the way your parents showed up in your life…or didn’t.  It tells the story of how you see the world through you past experiences, and the ways you hide you true feelings and desires when you don’t feel safe to speak your truth.  


Your body speaks the truth, whether you are aware of its messages or not.  It will speak to you in ways that are more and more insistent and painful in an attempt to bring you back into alignment with your truth and your soul’s purpose until you finally listen…or you die, having never truly lived!  


Through the integration of this powerful body of awareness, Psychosomatic Therapy, we learn to notice the ways in which our body-mind communicates its internal reactions to our external experiences.   We discover how cellular memory affects every aspect of our lives, even down to the formation of the physical structure of our bodies and our mental and emotional reactions to subsequent experiences.  I am so grateful to have studied with Carole Maureen Friesen, a true master of Psychosomatic Therapy with twenty years experience in the field and directly tutored by it founder, Hermann Müller. 


By learning to listen to and read the messages of my own body, I am discovering who I am at even deeper levels than I had already become aware of.  I am realigning my physical body to reflect and hold the internal alignment created through the deep healing I have experienced over the last decade.   I am excited and appreciative of the deeper understanding this new awareness is bringing to our healing work of releasing trauma and integrating ones natural sexual expression.


We are incredibly complex and nuanced beings and, simultaneously, very simple.  This language of the body is universal.  Our bodies all store and release trauma and emotions similarly.  Our souls seek to to be expressed through our bodies as divine beings having a human experience.  


I desire to give my soul the fullest, most joyful, ecstatic experience of this body!  THIS is the story I want to have written on my body when I leave this dimension…I am rewriting my story in my DNA as I journey more deeply into knowing myself!


Would you like to discover the story written in your body?  How would it feel to read the blueprint your soul?