Self-Revering Woman Full Immersion
BodyMindSoul Emancipation Intensive Retreat Program

Connect with your Divine Essence from the space of Deep Inner Reverence and Reclaim Your Feminine Power, Pleasure and Passion!

We help women, who are commited to their growth, release and transform stored trauma and integrate their sexuality so they can connect deeply with their own Divine Essence and in their intimate relationships, tap into their creative powers of manifestation, & reclaim their personal power!




Have you begun to realize that there’s MUCH MORE to your pleasure than you’ve ever experienced?


Do you feel frustrated and disappointed, trapped in a body that feels numb and unresponsive.


Are you too familiar with the pain of not been seen, and the disappointment of not having needs met in your relationships? Do you find yourself resenting your partner for an experience that feels once-sided and unsatisfying to you?


Do you feel hopeless when you look at yourself in the mirror and feel like no-one actually sees you…alone, even though surrounded by people?  


Do you feel frustrated with your own inability to connect at a deeper level with who you are and trust your own intuition?  As a result, do you hold others at a distance, not knowing who you can trust? 


At some level, are you hiding?  


Do you believe you must be perfect, continually giving from an empty cup, and hiding any part of yourself deemed to be socially unacceptable…like sexual desire, sadness, and most definitely rage?  


Does society have you playing a role where shame keeps you from discovering and exploring your erotic nature, while guilt drives you to engage in sex anyway, for the pleasure of your partner while selling out on experiencing the ecstatic bliss and true intimacy that is your birthright? 

You should be SEXY but not SEXUAL, right? Even then you’re walking a fine line because if you dress too provocatively, you’re asking for it, too plain and you're a drudge.  You should be attentive to the pleasure of your man but not desire pleasure yourself - that would be selfish, and it would make you a slut!  No wonder nearly 25% of women in America are taking antidepressants at 2 ½ times the rate of men.


Do you feel that you have already done SO MUCH WORK and STILL not created the results you desire? Do you secretly wonder if there is anything that will actually work for YOU?


Are you frustrated with the way most of the ‘healing’ being sold out there ends up being just another coping mechanism to make you a little more comfortable living in the confines of the limits of your trauma? 


Are you done with selling out on yourself to satisfy the expectations and demands of others who don’t see and appreciate you?


Have you had enough of putting your own healing on the back burner as you show up to nurture and heal others…and then having that blow up in your face?


Are you done with merely existing and not actually LIVING?


Have you come to realize that, unless you CLAIM IT, your time will never come?


Are you ready to break FREE of the LIES that your trauma and mainstream society and spirituality have been selling you and discover who YOU actually are?  Are you prepared to reclaim your POWER, tap into your PASSION and PURPOSE and OPEN UP to your body’s sacred ECSTATIC BLISSFUL ORGASMIC nature?

I’ve been there…I have walked the path of my limitations and other’s expectations, felt the isolation, pain and frustration...the utter desolation and hopelessness of wanting to leave this realm of existence.  I have read the self empowerment books and tried so many of those coping mechanisms sold as healing…


…and nothing actually worked until I finally chose ME at the deepest level possible!  


I took the deep dive into the most intense and vulnerable work I have ever done and engaged in releasing the trauma and emotions stored in my body from a lifetime of intense repression, shame and denial. I stepped onto the path of Sacred Self-Reverence and have been walking it ever since.


My life has transformed!


I have transformed…from the inside out!  


We have taken what works from all of this lifetime of experience and deep healing work and, from that we have created a map…a map to a journey that is powerful and magickal...unique to the traveler and, yet, the same in it’s essential processes to create REAL RESULTS!


AND we are prepared to walk beside you on this journey…to hold that sacred space for you that is the safest, most unconditionally loved and supported you have ever felt, so that YOU are fully seen, felt and heard as the beautiful, POWERFUL being that you are in your full authentic expression!  


We have multiple levels of commitment to fit your level of readiness for the work, and each level of investment in YOU and your healing can be credited toward the next level of your growth and healing as you are ready for it.  No more having to make a choice and then wishing you had invested in the deeper level of work…because you already have!  We have created this journey to be a win-win on EVERY level!


Remember…the trauma-limited version of you can never live your destiny!

* We only work with women who are fully committed, coachable, ready to do whatever it takes to create their results, and who are not afraid to invest in themselves.

** Note:  This intensive retreat program includes a free gift of our powerful The Self-Revering Woman online program! AND we’ve even included two INCREDIBLE bonuses ($180 value) with sooooo much extra valuable and juicy content for FREE when you say “YES!” to YOU and embark on this powerful journey!  

*** For a list of specific results you can expect to create, read our description on our BodyMindSoul Emancipation Retreat page.

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