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With these intensive transformational programs:

  • Heal self from pain, trauma, and the scripts accumulated over a lifetime

  • Get in touch and fall in love with your true essence!

  • Step into your power - create the life of your dreams!

  • Show up in all your relationships in a whole new way – confident, respected and radiant; be fully seen, felt and heard as the powerful being that you are!

  • Draw in that perfect partner – one who will meet you on all levels

  • Alchemize your relationship by letting go of old relationship scripts, roles and ‘baggage’ to create the juiciest, most deeply intimate relationship possible

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  • Go deep and get in touch with the the underlying causes of the pain and trauma that repeatedly shows up in your life and relationships in the form of triggers, buttons and self-destructive behaviors
  • Create greater clarity surrounding your deepest desires, your true essence and your life purpose
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First bonus - Sex & Chocolate Round Table Archive

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Have you wished you could tear down the taboos and have access to accurate information and a safe space to learn about and discuss all those forbidden topics about sex, pleasure, relationships and healing shame?


That’s what we are doing with our Sex & Chocolate Round Table Discussion Group live online every month!  We have covered all the juicy details of various delicious and scintillating topics from BDSM and anal pleasure to womb healing and waist beads.  We have Q&A each call so that you can have your personal questions answered in a safe space and often have amazing guest experts presenting.


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Second bonus - Creating Deeper intimacy & Trust in Realtionships Audio Program

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Intimacy is the key to a meaningful relationship. A true partnership is one where you are met on all levels, where together you create power, passion, and purpose, and where needs are met and your true self shines. You deserve all of this, and this IS possible without settling, “sacrifice” or denying your true essence.


To support you in this, we developed the Creating Deeper Intimacy & Trust in Relationships Online Series.

This provocative series includes 6 empowering audio modules that contain valuable information to help you attract your perfectly aligned partner and navigate the mysteries of creating the deep intimacy, trust and ecstatic pleasure that you desire in a relationship! 




Module 1: "Magnetize your ideal partner!" - Create something brand new in your life by attracting that companion who is going to stand with you in partnership, fully share the joys AND challenges, and enthusiastically support YOUR growth and expansion while owning their own personal development. If you’ve ever thought “It doesn't have to be like this,” you were right. Change your results by changing your paradigm.


Module 2: “Understanding Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine Archetypes” – Archetypes are the forms which embody our fundamental characteristics. Get fully in touch with all aspects of the “divine being having a human experience.” Becoming aware of the depth and variety of our capacities is essential to finding the balance we deserve, and balance brings peace and success at a deep level. Divine feminine and masculine are explored here, since we all embody all the sacred energies in our own perfect proportion. Get in touch with your potential!


Module 3: “Modern Relationship Structures & Why Traditional Relationships are Not Working” – Freyja and Michael have, between the two of them, over 7 decades of relationship experience in Monogamy, Polygamy, Polyamory, etc. Hear the insights on what some of the misconceptions surrounding society’s dysfunctional views on healthy relationships. Get in touch with the roadblocks and the bullshit that distract from the real purpose of a relationship, and learn how to create YOUR ideal relationship.


Module 4: “Provoking Her Desire” – Women don’t come with owners manuals. So often they are completely clueless about what makes them tick, and no wonder with the mixed messages, barely disguised misogyny, and downright hostility that society heaps on the feminine. This topic is largely focused on men, and how they can better stimulate and delight their partners, but women will benefit so much by getting in touch with what’s going on in their bodies and with their emotions. It’s not about conquering – it’s about delicious, juicy provocation!


Module 5: “Healing Sexuality – Sexual Self-Mastery” – It’s time for the masculine energy to let go of the paradigm of conquering their mate, and step into their role of self-mastery. Men and women will benefit from the perspective that a man who masters himself has what it takes to stimulate desire and create lasting passion and connection in his partner. Stop playing small and take ownership of the results of your love life!


Module 6: “What Your Sex Life Says About the Way You Live Life!” – How you play it in the bedroom is how you play it in the boardroom – and vice versa! Take a hard look at how you show up in your intimacy and realize the insights this has to offer you – as a catalyst for meaningful change in all areas of your life! Learn about the ways women, and men, can experience pleasure, and how this can energize your life in unexpected ways. Get in touch with how you can shift how you approach life, and how this can impact your results with you partner.


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It’s Written All Over Your Face!


…and your body, your hands, your feet.  It’s all there.  


The story your body tells you, if you are aware, is profound!  It’s all about who you were born into this world to be, what the true expression of your soul is, your personality, the way you respond to love, to pain, to your own inner rage…the way your parents showed up in your life…or didn’t.  It tells the story of how you see the world through you past experiences, and the ways you hide you true feelings and desires when you don’t feel safe to speak your truth.  


Your body speaks the truth, whether you are aware of its messages or not.  It will speak to you in ways that are more and more insistent and painful in an attempt to bring you back into alignment with your truth and your soul’s purpose until you finally listen…or you die, having never truly lived!  


Through the integration of this powerful body of awareness, Psychosomatic Therapy, we learn to notice the ways in which our body-mind communicates its internal reactions to our external experiences.   We discover how cellular memory affects every aspect of our lives, even down to the formation of the physical structure of our bodies and our mental and emotional reactions to subsequent experiences.  I am so grateful to have studied with Carole Maureen Friesen, a true master of Psychosomatic Therapy with twenty years experience in the field and directly tutored by it founder, Hermann Müller. 


By learning to listen to and read the messages of my own body, I am discovering who I am at even deeper levels than I had already become aware of.  I am realigning my physical body to reflect and hold the internal alignment created through the deep healing I have experienced over the last decade.   I am excited and appreciative of the deeper understanding this new awareness is bringing to our healing work of releasing trauma and integrating ones natural sexual expression.


We are incredibly complex and nuanced beings and, simultaneously, very simple.  This language of the body is universal.  Our bodies all store and release trauma and emotions similarly.  Our souls seek to to be expressed through our bodies as divine beings having a human experience.  


I desire to give my soul the fullest, most joyful, ecstatic experience of this body!  THIS is the story I want to have written on my body when I leave this dimension…I am rewriting my story in my DNA as I journey more deeply into knowing myself!


Would you like to discover the story written in your body?  How would it feel to read the blueprint your soul?


*I am offering  professional face reading sessions where we explore the blueprint your soul and personality as it is written on your face.  This includes a full writeup that will be emailed to you.  Be ready to go DEEP and discover how all this relates to the patterns in your life and way you show up in the world! Schedule now for a holiday special rate of only $77!