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I wanted to write you an official note of appreciation.


The last 5 days with you have been absolutely transformative, powerful and life changing! The Support and care you bring to the sessions, the professionalism, the guidance and the deep wisdom is unparalleled! 


I felt safe every moment with you.  Even while some of the releases were terrifying, you guided me through like wise guides, steady, strong and certain. 


I felt absolutely held with love and respect which helped me let go, and go deep. Deeper than I’ve ever allowed myself to go to access some of the most hidden wounds that needed healing. 


There were some amazing insights too, including laughs! I would never have accessed those either, were it not for your guidance!


I never felt judged or like I’m “doing it wrong”… it was just the most peaceful and supported “birth” I’ve ever had and completely my process. I felt placed in a sacred container of support to be able to transform through this. 




I believe every woman should do this (and man too…)!

Barbara Santen, Relationship Coach

Ontario, Canada - Sept 23, 2020

This program (Reclaiming Forgiveness) supported me in a massive shift in all my relationships especially with my immediate family.  It's deep and profound and worth many therapy sessions. This is an amazing offer as we head into family season!!!!

Alison Crosthwait, Transformational Life Coach

Ontario, Canada - Nov 25, 2020

Alison Crosthwait.jpg

I will be eternally grateful for the deep healing that I experienced working with you and Freyja. The amount of money that I invested in my transformation has reaped me benefits 100-fold over. When I shifted my mindset from "whoa, that's a lot of money!" to "How much is my freedom, self-worth, peace, and happiness worth?" I quickly realize that the cost is incomparable. Thank you for continuing to share your gifts with the world, however they may look now and in the future. Your medicine is exactly what is needed for the souls who will continue to seek you out in divine time and order. 

Johnny Vajra, Intimacy Coach

Florida, USA - May 28, 2020

From the first time I began to even dialogue with Mika & Freyja, my life began to open in ways I did not know possible. Their work is transformational at the deepest level of healing and to opening each of us to the true power we authentically are. They have been present, attentive and supportive to my life journey without hesitation. This is work the world needs more than ever and my great gratitude for them having the courage and commitment to bring it to so many of us. I recommend working with them in any way that you can.

Diane Walker, Death Doula/Navigator & Guide to the Seasons of Life

Kentuky, USA - Feb 13, 2020


I've been doing a lot of self-help for a long time and it's all helped, but I still suffered with depression and anxiety. I found the Inanna Sanctuary on-line and scheduled a call with Freyja Inanna, after talking with her I realized this was what I was looking for. I started their online course. 


I began to see good changes on the 2nd week. I was doing a lot of things for everyone else except for me, I realized I thought it was selfish to take care of myself. I started to do things that made me happy, that was strange but I continued. The more I took care of me the more worthy I felt. (not entitled, but worthy) 


Soon I started to value people even more. My perspective on life was changing. My kids noticed and opened up to me more than before. After about 6 weeks into the course I realized the depression I had suffered with had lifted considerably. I still have anxieties but less often. I have been able to connect to my spiritual side better, and quit seeing myself as a victim. 


I took back control of my life and I'm happier now than I've been in a long time. I intend on doing more work with them! I would recommend anyone wanting to find themselves to look into Inanna Sanctuary. 

Paulette Black, Midwife/Hypnotherapist

Utah, USA - January 13, 2020

Thank you so much Freyja. I feel the power. The magic is very present and it feels so right to be starting this journey with you. I can finally let go now. I'm so grateful to you, for I felt your belief in me from the get go and I'm so proud of myself for staying committed and making the investment in me. The new beginning I've been praying for has begun. 


My new life starts here.

Venus Jones, Yoga Instructor

London, UK - January 21, 2019

Venus Jones.jpg
Photo by Anna Larin

I just reflected on what is different about me after The Self-Revering Woman online program and I would summarise it thus:

I look at myself with awe and love, as a sacred being, without need to change or be something for somebody else, like I was work of nature and art together. It’s like I see myself more with the same tenderness that I apply when relating to others. But, in addition, there’s the access to all the emotional and sensual experience inside. The feeling of huge power and equally huge surrendering capacity.

Meri Lundahl, Business Management

Finland - August 26, 2019

My BodyMindSoul Integration Retreat Intensive at Inanna Sanctuary was the most amazing and transformational process I have ever experienced. There is nothing like it on the planet at this time! Over the 63 years I have been in this body on earth I have accumulated enormous amounts of pain, trauma, grief, anger, and fear.  With the guidance of Mika & Freyja, I released layers and layers of these stored memories and experiences. I rebirthed my powerful Goddess within! This was the hardest work I have ever done but clearly the most important and life changing.  The joy and freedom I experience daily is priceless. 

Love and gratitude for the gifts Mika & Freyja shared with me.  Thank you.

Jill Wilson, Registered Nurse

Florida, USA - January 2017

Jill WilsonAfter.JPG
Michele Lacoste.jpg

have searched my whole adult life for better ways to live my life. Working with Freyja & Mika has been the most powerful and enlightening experience I have ever had. If you are looking for that final piece of your puzzle....this is it. I was in need of healing deep felt grief from the loss of my beautiful daughter, Lisa Marie, who was 32 years old. I needed help with trauma from female surgeries that left me with physical pain and communication problems in my marriage.


I received healing in many other areas of my life. I was coached in a safe environment that made me feel cared for and loved. This is a very personal and sacred experience for people that are 100% committed to healing mind and body. My husband and I highly recommend Inanna Sanctuary. Freyja & Mika are dedicated professionals. I feel alive again with a greater purpose and the courage to move forward. There is no turning back!

Michele Lacoste, Registered Nurse

North Carolina, USA - October 4, 2016

I just happened upon this beautiful couple & their life altering God-send therapy. I feel so blessed to have been a part of the work that they are doing.
I have had chronic pain for 15 years & have been constantly searching for healing. I've always known that it was going to end & there was an answer! 
I went to an intro & knew I needed to do it even though I truly didn't WANT to. Mika & Freyja are so giving and really do create a safe supportive space for their clients. The week after I did my first sessions I finally got my answer to my 15 year problem!!! Additionally, I have fully recovered my sense of self worth & knowing that the universe abundantly supports me. I'm now in the process of doing what I need to for my health & I am so grateful to the Inanna's for doing this work & making it their life's purpose. It may seem uncomfortable or vulnerable for the client but it's such a blessing that they are willing to unconditionally love others & give so freely of themselves for the healing & awakening of others. We are lucky that they even do this. I cannot thank them enough!

Paula Kelly, Biologist

Florida, USA - January 25, 2017

Paula Kelly.jpg
Niki after.jpg

This experience was so mind-blowingly transformational I hardly know where to start. When Freyja first told me that this is the most powerful healing modality she had ever encountered, I was intrigued, but doubtful. As a healer and teacher myself, I have encountered a lot of powerful modalities, but this blew them all away. These beautiful people created such a safe and nurturing space that I was able access and heal parts of myself that I never knew existed. I connected with my inner Goddess to an extent that went far beyond anything I had ever achieved. For anyone considering this life-changing experience, all I can say is YES!!!

Niki Kissell, Program Manager

Florida, USA - June 2, 2017

I have been dealing with fibromyalgia flares ups myself for 15+years as well as interstitial cystitis. 
Both have always linked to the repression of locked up unhealed emotions, anger being at the top of list. 

Doing work with Freyja & Mika brought me so much relief. The work is very intense but so worth it. Learning tools to assist me to continue to heal the wounds… Priceless! 
Creating awareness is the first step to self-healing. Creating awareness and releasing the root emotional basis is a lifestyle choice. 

Anyone suffering from fibromyalgia I highly encourage you to check out the programs offered. Especially the Retreat Intensive Program sessions. 

LeighAnn Wyler, Massage Therapist

Utah, USA - Decamber 29, 2019

LeighAnn Wyler.jpg
David Hu.jpg

I felt a lot more free and safe after working with Freyja and Michael. I felt a sense of deep joy emanating from within, a sense of inner fulfillment and satisfaction, and a greater ease and trust in reaching out and connecting with my friends and community around me. Also, creativity and a childlike sense of wonder and possibility emerged and it felt a lot like when I first graduated, a time when there was so much potential and fun to be had and I felt super connected.

David Hu, Software Engineer

California, USA - April 13, 2020

I just wanted to share that I had a face reading session with Freyja Inanna yesterday and it was chronicles of incredible! She was able to quickly pick up on my face, information I hold sacred from the world, my gifts, personality and how I show up in the world. She blew my mind! She picked up on limiting beliefs I was stuck in and gave me crucial clues on how to break them. There were fascinating break throughs, amazinggggg syncretism and she is such a kind soul to work with. My frequency was through the roof. Freyja helped guide me off the beaten path I was on without bringing along extra rubble. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field of Psychosomatics, is incredibly gifted with intuition and mentorship skills. I definitely 50/10 recommend working with her and I cannot wait to work with her again.

Tanya Marie, Essential Oils Alchemist

Ontario, Canada - December 3, 2019

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