Trauma Holon Entanglement

‘Holon’ is a word used to describe something that is simultaneously a whole, and its individual parts. We tend to look at the emotional, physical, mental and energetic aspects of ourselves as separations of our selves. However, like all living things, we are far more complex than that. The connections and relationships between these aspects are amazingly complex, and the total may be termed a ‘holon.’ When trauma shows up, these connections and relationships are damaged. Toxic and dysfunctional connections are created, healthy connections are poisoned, and the result is a ‘Trauma Holon’ superimposed on the healthy holon we were born with.


We are born into little Authentically-Expressed Selves, but we are traumatized and shamed into Trauma-Limited versions of ourselves.


It is possible to clear the Trauma Holon from the body, but this is not done one level, or circuit, at a time. The toxic trauma must be cleared from all the circuits, from all the interconnected pathways, and new pathways must be created and healthy ones restored. This must be done in a unified, holistic approach. This is why single-circuit approaches such as talk therapy or energetic healing ultimately fail. It’s like trying to pull out the toxins from a few strands of a great, tangled complex weave, while leaving the other strands untouched. Whatever is cleared out will only be re-contaminated once again.


We take a proprietary approach to clearing out this trauma quickly, effectively and completely, through Trauma Holon Disentanglement™. A unique, simultaneous combination of Somatic (physical circuit), Reiki (energetic circuit), Primal (emotional circuit) and Re-Programming/Re-Scripting (mental circuit) releases are combined into a process we call ‘Trauma Holon Release.’